6 Powerful and Easy Wiccan Love Spells

When it comes to love spells, there are a few different schools of thought. Some people believe that you should never cast a spell with the intent to control someone’s free will, while others think that any love spell cast with positive intent is okay.

I believe in the latter. More love in the world is a net positive and so this does not violate the Wiccan rede.

In this article, we’ll teach you six simple but powerful Wiccan love spells. These spells can be used to attract someone new or to re-energize a relationship that’s lost its spark.

All of these spells use ingredients that are easy to find and relatively inexpensive. So, whether you’re a seasoned witch or a beginner, you’ll be able to cast them successfully.

Remember: Wiccan spells work because of the focus, intent, and energy manipulation that goes into them. Following a spell without understanding these basics will not be successful. Check out Wiccan basics if you need help with this.

1. A Love Spell to Make Them Think of You

This is a spell to make a person think of you. It’s quite simple and effective.

You’ll need:

  • a pink candle
  • rose petals
  • cinnamon
  • a red apple

Carve your name onto the candle. Be careful while doing this. The sharper the tool, the less likely you are to injure yourself. Use a very wide candle to make this easier.

If you feel you cannot do this, you can write your name on a small strip of paper and wrap that around the candle. Just be careful when the flame is lit to not let it get down to the paper.

Next, peel the red skin off of the apple. This doesn’t have to be perfect.

You are ready to begin. Light the candle.

Take a pinch of the cinnamon, representing desire, and sprinkle it onto the peel from at least your head height. As the cinnamon falls say:

Thinking of me, 
thinking only of me,
as I am thinking of you.

Fill his/her heart with love for me.

Focus on drawing energy from the flame into your heart as you do this. Once you feel the warm glow, you know it’s working, and then sit and watch the flame.

As the candle burns down, visualize the person thinking of you.

2. A Spell to Make Them Fall in Love With You

Be careful with this one. Remember, there can be unforeseen consequences to any spell. Make sure you actually want the person to fall in love with you.

This is the most powerful of these love spells.

To perform this spell, you’ll need:

  • a pink candle
  • rose quartz (or any other type of heart-shaped stone)
  • a personal item from the person you love
  • rose oil

Carve your name onto the candle, then rub the stone with rose oil and visualize your desired outcome. You must put out a strong intent into the universe that this person will fall in love with you.

Next, hold the stone to your heart and say these words:

By the power of love and light,
I ask that (person's name) falls in love with me
and only me.
I consecrate this space in preparation for love's arrival.
So be it, and so it is.

Feel the natural energy of the rose quartz flow into your heart and bind with your personal energy.

This love spell turns the crystal into a talisman. Make sure to carry it with you when you have contact with this person for them to start to fall in love with you.

3. A Spell to Make Them Propose

There are many love spells that you can use as a Wiccan, but this one is particularly powerful. Again, your intent will come back threefold, often in unexpected ways. Do not use this unless you are prepared for that.

To cast this spell, you will need:

  • a pink candle
  • a rose quartz crystal
  • a picture of the person you want a proposal from

This is a very simple spell because you have already put out a strong intention if you are near the point of the proposal.

You need to cast the spell at sunset, on a Friday during the waxing moon.

Light the candle and say:

I light this candle in the name of love. 
With this spell, I ask that (person's full name) sees
how much I love them and propose to me soon.

Hold the crystal in your hand and use the picture to imagine the proposal happening. Visualize the two of you together, happy and in love. Feel the natural energy of the crystal flowing into your body through your hand.

This is infusing you with an aura that will make the proposal more likely.

Say: “So mote it be.”

Let the candle burn until the sunset turns to full darkness. Blow the candle out and then carry the crystal with you until the proposal. You should then bury the crystal after the proposal until the wedding to keep it safe.

4. A Love Spell to Make Them Monogamous

There are all sorts of love spells that you can perform, but this particular spell is designed to make your partner monogamous.

To cast this spell, you’ll need

  • a pink candle
  • rose petals
  • a picture of your partner
  • and a pen.

Begin by lighting the candle and placing the rose petals around it in a circle. This circle is important for sealing in the energy.

Then, gaze into the flame and say the following words:

Great Goddess, 
I ask that you bind (name of partner) to me
until death do us part.
Make them loyal and true,
and keep them only for me.
So mote it be.

Next, take the picture of your partner and write your name on the back of it. Place it in the center of the rose petals.

Visualize and feel the energy of the flame and the rose sealing the picture to your name. Send out the intention of fidelity.

For the most powerful form of this love spell, let the candle burn out completely and then bury the picture under a full moon.

5. A Spell to Make Them Passionate

There’s one very simple love spell that you can perform to make your partner more passionate about you. This spell just requires

  • a pink candle
  • some rose petals
  • a photo of the person you want to be more passionate about you.

Take the photo and place it in the center of the candle (underneath it).

Surround the photo with rose petals, and light the candle. As you light the candle, say these words:

By the power of love and light,
I summon your passion tonight.
Fill (person's name) with desire for me,
And make our love burn brighter.

Keep the candle burning until it goes out completely.

Sense the passion of the flame while you say the words and let it flow into you. As this fills you with desire, direct it back out into the picture.

6. A Love Spell to Deepen the Connection

This spell to deepen the connection is designed to increase the intimacy and connection between you and your partner. This spell can be used to strengthen an existing bond or relationship or to create a new one if you desire.

To perform this spell, you will need:

  • a piece of parchment paper
  • a pen
  • some rose petals

Write your partner’s name on the parchment paper, then write “I deepen the connection between us” above it.

Next, take the rose petals and crumble them up into a small ball. Rub the ball all over the parchment paper until the petals are absorbed, then fold it up and put it somewhere safe.

Direct the natural connective energy of the rose into the paper. Visualize the sense in which you want the connection to deepen.

The next time you and your partner are together, hold hands and say the following: “With this spell, we deepen our connection. May our love grow stronger each day.”

Release any of the residual energy from the spell through your hands and into their body.


As you see, most of these spells are very similar. They involve candles, roses, and crystals of the type that matches the intent of the spell.

Once you understand how these are put together, you can easily create your own love spell. I truly believe that creating your own is the way to ensure its power. Never underestimate the power of creation when performing a spell.

Feel free to experiment with other herbs, colors, and elements. These are the ones I’ve found most effective in my own practice. Plus, I have a rosebush in my Wiccan garden that lets me easily get access to rose petals.

If you didn’t find what you are looking for, there are more love spells to do during a full moon. Also, make sure you understand the ethics of doing love magic.

how to cast a love spell


These spells are my own, but most of what I’ve learned about creating your own spells comes from Scott Cunningham’s classic books: