Astrology in Wiccan Practice: Planetary Correspondences

When I first got involved in Wicca, I avoided astrology and planetary correspondences like the plague. It just seemed way too complicated and confusing.

At Craft of Wicca, I’m going to write a series of introductory articles on astrology to help others who felt the same as me. Each one should be a simple exploration of one topic, and when you take them all together, you’ll have a great understanding of astrology and how to incorporate it into your own practice.

Astrology plays a significant role in many Wiccan practices, offering insights into cosmic energies and their influence on earthly matters. For those new to astrology, understanding planetary correspondences can provide a foundation for incorporating astrological elements into Wiccan rituals and spellwork.

What are planetary correspondences?

In Wiccan astrology, planetary correspondences refer to the associations between celestial bodies and various earthly aspects, including emotions, personality traits, colors, herbs, and more.

These connections allow practitioners to align their magical workings with specific planetary energies.

Key planetary correspondences in Wiccan practice:


  • Represents: Vitality, ego, self-expression
  • Color: Gold
  • Herbs: Sunflower, marigold
  • Use in magic: Confidence, success, leadership


  • Represents: Emotions, intuition, cycles
  • Color: Silver
  • Herbs: Jasmine, moonwort
  • Use in magic: Psychic abilities, dreams, fertility


  • Represents: Communication, intellect, travel
  • Color: Orange
  • Herbs: Lavender, fennel
  • Use in magic: Learning, communication, divination


  • Represents: Love, beauty, harmony
  • Color: Green
  • Herbs: Rose, vanilla
  • Use in magic: Love spells, attraction, arts


  • Represents: Passion, courage, action
  • Color: Red
  • Herbs: Ginger, nettle
  • Use in magic: Protection, strength, motivation


  • Represents: Expansion, abundance, wisdom
  • Color: Purple
  • Herbs: Sage, nutmeg
  • Use in magic: Prosperity, growth, legal matters


  • Represents: Discipline, responsibility, time
  • Color: Black
  • Herbs: Myrrh, comfrey
  • Use in magic: Binding, banishing, endurance

Incorporating planetary correspondences in Wiccan practice

Incorporating planetary correspondences in Wiccan practice can enrich your magical workings and deepen your connection to cosmic energies.

One of the most common ways to use these correspondences is through timing.

By aligning your rituals or spellwork with the days and hours traditionally associated with specific planets, you can tap into their energies more effectively. Think of this like moon magic. For instance, performing a love spell on Friday, Venus’s day, might enhance its potency.

(I know we haven’t discussed how to tell when each planet is strongest, but that will come in the next article).

Altar decoration is another powerful method to integrate planetary influences. By adorning your sacred space with colors, symbols, and objects linked to particular planets, you create an environment that resonates with the energy you wish to work with.

An altar cloth in deep purple, adorned with amethyst crystals and images of oak leaves, could invoke Jupiter’s expansive and prosperous energy.

The selection of herbs in your magical practice can also be guided by planetary correspondences.

Choosing plants associated with specific celestial bodies can amplify your intentions and create a stronger connection to the planetary energies you’re working with. For example, incorporating rosemary (associated with Mercury) into a ritual for improved communication or mental clarity can enhance its effectiveness.

Invocations and chants that call upon planetary energies can add depth and power to your rituals. By addressing the planets directly or invoking their associated deities, you invite their influence into your sacred space.

This can be particularly impactful when working with planetary hours or during astrological events like full moons or eclipses.

Meditation focused on planetary symbols or energies offers a way to internalize these cosmic influences. Visualizing the color, symbol, or energy of a planet during meditation can help you attune to its vibrations and incorporate its qualities into your personal energy field.

This practice can be especially beneficial when preparing for a major ritual or when seeking guidance in areas governed by a particular planet.

planetary correspondences for wiccan astrology


As you explore and experiment with planetary correspondences in your Wiccan practice, remember that personal experience and intuition play crucial roles.

While traditional correspondences provide a solid foundation, you may find that certain associations resonate more strongly with you than others. Trust your instincts and be open to developing your own unique relationship with planetary energies, allowing your practice to evolve and deepen over time.

By understanding and working with planetary correspondences, Wiccans can harness cosmic energies to enhance their magical practices and align themselves with the natural rhythms of the universe.