The 2023 Complete Guide to Online Wiccan Schools and Resources

As more and more education gets moved online in these uncertain times, I keep getting the same questions.

  • What are the best online Wiccan schools?
  • Are Wiccan schools online for free?
  • How can you tell if an online school is legitimate?

This article will provide what I know, which is admittedly not a ton. I have been around for a while and have heard lots of stories, though.

I’ll remind you that practicing Wicca needs no formal training or schooling, so I’m not formally endorsing or recommending any. You can learn all you need from the books I’ve recommended and from this site. All of us have gaps in our knowledge, though.

Think about deepening your witchcraft studies by attending a school, and you might find yourself with a better understanding of the world of Wicca and its many aspects.

Community is important, and you will probably learn a lot more in a shorter amount of time by joining a real-life coven with experienced practitioners.

The best online Wiccan schools

Here are the best online Wiccan schools:

  1. The Wicca Academy
  2. Witch School
  3. The Rosewick Academy
  4. Sacred Mists Academy
  5. The Magickal Circle School

The Wicca Academy is designed for beginners who know little or nothing about the Wiccans, as well as for advanced witches who have been practicing the religion for years.

This is designed for students who have completed the Wicca Diploma course and those who are practicing with those wishing for a good grasp of the basics before learning more and progressing in their practice. Their program takes you through first-degree, second-degree, and third-degree Wicca Diploma Courses.

Witch School has a subscription membership to access courses taught by experienced practitioners. Over 20 volunteers keep the school running and have a wealth of knowledge coming from formal university education, religious backgrounds, and even musical practices. They offer certificate programs as well.

The Rosewick Academy is a paid online school and offers a variety of specialties including candle magick, crystal and reiki, divinity, druidism, herbalism and alchemy, voodoo, and general Wicca.

Sacred Mists Academy has hundreds of practitioners working together to deepen their practice. They offer personal mentoring, spell writing, and conversation/debate, among other things. They are on the pricier side of online Wicca schools, but they offer some of the most certifications of any: Wiccan degree, spell crafting, history of Paganism, herbalist, and more.

The Magickal Circle School is a completely free online school that digs into Paganism, Witchcraft, Wicca, Mythology, Divination, Healing, and much more. They are fairly rigorous and even require turning in original research papers. This is a great option for people looking for free online Wiccan schools.

Other Best Online Wiccan Resources

You may be looking for other free Wiccan school resources:

  1. The Official Witch Shoppe
  2. The Green Witches Coven
  3. Udemy
  4. Amazon

The Official Witch Shoppe located in Salem, Massachusetts, opened in 1812, just a few years after the death of the original Witch of Salem. Laurie Cabot took it over in 1970. The physical location has since closed down, but they remain a major online presence. They aren’t an online school, but they have a ton of resources you can get for self-education.

The Green Witches Coven is an online set of witches where you can join for free and know how to be a witch, study the witchcraft and aspects of White Magic, cast the spells and works, and study how they work, as well as practice spells and magic. The Green Witches Coven, a leading Wiccan school in the United States, makes it easy to join now for free and study witchcraft and all aspects of White Magic.

Udemy is an online educational site that also has free individual courses on Wicca and witchcraft as well as paid content. Their courses tend to be of higher production value and more in-depth.

Amazon: the online store everyone knows about. Do not overlook the most obvious online resource for Wicca. Explore the inner workings of a spiritual path based on the earth, and the connection between the human body and its natural environment.

It’s the world’s largest collection of Pagan / Wiccan books, videos, and books on the subject of natural magick!

Wicca schools in person

I’ll lastly end with some of the in-person schools I know about because they also have online presences and resources.

  1. The Ardantane School of Magick and Witchcraft
  2. The Wicca Course
  3. Covens

The Ardantane School of Magick and Witchcraft supports the study and practice of magic and witchcraft by building and supporting a supportive community of learners and practitioners, and promoting personal development, leadership and service at all levels. The school is located in New Mexico and is dedicated to educating the public about Wicca. They have many free events in person as well as paid courses and retreats.

Here you can embark on a journey of personal empowerment in pagan spirituality and learn about the history, teachings, rituals, and practices of the Wiccan religion and practice in this course.

The Wicca Course provides you an opportunity to show how to live your life completely attuned to nature, and use the beautiful and very personal practice known as Wiccans.

With the focus on creating amulets and the Book of Shadows, you will learn everything you need to begin this fantastic journey of the self – discovery. Wicca is connected with the ancient practice of magic and with a very specific set of beliefs and practices. 

Covens can be found in person by knowing other witches or searching for groups with online resources like Meetup. With a coven, you’ll gather in groups to draw the Moon and celebrate Sabbats, such as the annual New Year’s Eve celebration.

Final Thoughts

Explore these Wiccan online schools with some amount of caution and skepticism. They can be right for you if you’re looking for guided study and a community of like-minded people. But they also are teaching things that are readily available for free if you’re willing to do the work of finding sites like this one.

It is usually cheaper to buy a book and experiment on your own, once you’re comfortable with the basics.

I have no affiliation with any of these schools. These are merely the ones I’ve heard of. I’m sure there are plenty more free online resources for learning Wicca that I’m unaware of.

Good luck on your hunt for a Wiccan school. You could also peruse the many beginner-friendly articles here at Craft of Wicca to design your own free Wiccan school or go through this guide on how to become Wiccan.

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