Water Spells: Introductory Elemental Magic

water spell magic

Water spells are a great way to get into elemental magic. They also serve important roles in magic for experienced Wiccans. One of the beautiful things about water is that it is everywhere. It is in the liquid we drink, the food we eat, the ground, the sky, and the air. We feel it when … Read more

Elemental Magic for Beginners: Basic Principles

elemental magic

Let’s do a deep dive into elemental magic. I’ll do a sequence of articles on each element. This one will serve as the introduction to the topic. It is one of the core types of Wiccan magic. Prelude Brigitte steps out into the cool, fresh air. The storm has passed. She kneels to examine the … Read more

Complete Wiccan Altar Set Up for Beginners

wiccan altar

Every practicing Wiccan should have a Wiccan altar. It can be very simple or quite elaborate. There is not going to be one setup that works for every person. The thing that is going to work best for you is to find an aesthetic that speaks to you. The more you personalize it, the better … Read more

How to Easily Read the 9-Card Tarot Spread and Celtic Cross

tarot cards

This article covers advanced tarot spreads and topics for tarot reading. We go over the Celtic Cross spread and 9 card tarot spread, and how to find groupings. If you’re looking for how to choose a deck, see my article on that. If you’re looking for the basics and how to get started, see my … Read more

Choosing Perfect Tarot Decks for Beginners

tarot decks

Today we’ll go through the daunting task of choosing tarot decks for beginners. This is not going to be an introductory guide to tarot. That can be found in my article: Beginner Tarot: How to Get Started. Today, I want to dive into how to find the right deck for you. There are few things … Read more

Beginner Tarot: Get Started Effortlessly With 2 Spreads

tarot cards

This beginner tarot article will give an overview of the basic principles of tarot and how to get started reading. If you’re interested in how to choose beginner-friendly tarot decks, check out my article on that. You can also check out my more advanced article on the 9-card tarot spread. There are no shortcuts in … Read more