Do Wiccan Spells Work? The Astonishing Scientific Evidence

I often talk to skeptical people who pose the question: do Wiccan spells work?

The short answer is: yes.

Magick isn’t magic. Wicca is natural.

I can almost hear the condescending tone with which people ask this question.

Read on to find out all the evidence for why Wiccan spells work. It will arm you for the next time someone asks this and you don’t know what to say.

I partially answered this in my article: what is Wicca? But I thought this deserved a full and considered article on its own.

I’ll start with a brief explanation of what Wiccan spells are. Then we’ll look at studies that support the core idea behind them. Lastly, we’ll look at the science that explains it all.

So, feel free to jump to whatever section most interests you!

Wiccan Spells: What are they?

Wicca comes from ancient traditions passed down through millennia. People have had a lot of time to experiment to find out what works.

Much of the ritualistic aspect of witchcraft has to do with focusing energy. There seems to be a misunderstanding out there as to what exactly goes on in casting a spell.

Let’s think about this with an example. Suppose you are to do a healing spell. The parts of the spell are: make a tea, light incense, say some words as you visualize, release the energy, and drink the tea.

Presumably, people aren’t skeptical that plants are natural medicines. This is what I meant above when I said that Wicca is nature. Wiccan spells often use plants, scents, oils, and so on for their natural properties.

Even modern doctors recommend herbal remedies sometimes.

But it goes further than that. The most important part of a spell is the visualization and intention. The incense and words are there to help focus this energy.

Wiccan spells work because they aren’t as mysterious as people think. You don’t just say some words and hope for the best. One of the most important parts of developing as a witch is to get better at putting out the exact intention in the world that you wish to get back.

So, now that we’ve pinpointed this as the key to making a Wiccan spell work, we should see if there’s evidence to support it.

Studies Supporting Wicca

The best way to summarize what we’re trying to find is: do thoughts and intentions have the ability to affect the world?

Emoto’s Water Experiments

In 2008, Dr. Masaru Emoto published a series of experiments in which people focused intentions on water. Some groups had love and gratitude as their intention. Other groups had anger and hate.

He then froze the water molecules to see if their molecular structures had been affected. If you want to see pictures of the results yourself, you can see them on The Wellness Enterprise webpage.

The results are astounding, and they were published in the peer-reviewed Journal of Scientific Exploration.

This type of experiment has been repeated with other things as well, such as rice. It shows that the intentions we put out into the world do have an effect, even at the molecular level.


Meditation is a part of some Wicca practices, though it isn’t a part of everyone’s interpretation of the religion.

The research on the subject gives us a lot of information about how focusing our energies can have a real effect on the world.

In 2014, a huge systematic review and meta-analysis on meditation was completed by Dr. Madhav Goyal and published in JAMA Internal Medicine.

The results show that meditation can actually alter the brain. It can even have a better outcome for depression, stress, pain, and sleep than standard chemical medications.

This shows that Wiccan spells that use the same types of focused intention can have similar outcomes, especially when it comes to pain, healing, dreams, and so on.


We could spend all day looking at experiments, but they will keep showing that beliefs, thoughts, and intentions have a measurable effect on the world.

When you do a Wiccan spell, it is putting belief, thought, and intention into the world. It would actually be more surprising if the spells didn’t work.

The Science Behind Intentionality

The experimental evidence above shows that Wiccan spells should work when done properly. But the question is still out there: why?

Well, the world is way weirder than most people give it credit for. No one really understands quantum mechanics, but it is the most precise and replicated scientific fact we have.

And the whole premise behind quantum mechanics is that an observer literally changes the world by collapsing the wave function.

If you want to see some crazy stuff, check out this video on the power of observation:

So, while we may not be able to give a precise scientific explanation of why Wiccan spells work, the fact is: science supports everything we do.

Do Wiccan Spells Work?

do wiccan spells work?


But you have to understand what you’re doing. Reading some words on someone’s blog isn’t going to be enough.

Wicca takes a lot of time and dedication to get good at. It’s a lifelong journey. It’s also why I advocate for developing your own spells once you have a grasp on the basic principles.

The more personal your spells are, the more easily you’ll focus your energy and intention in the right way to have an effect on the world.

It’s also why the Rule of Three applies. As the experiments above show, if you put out bad intentions, you actually change the reality around you to be uglier. That will come back to you.

If you put out positive spells, you will literally change the molecules around you in beautiful ways. This will also come back to you.

Magick isn’t magic. It’s nature.