Wiccan Meditation: The 5 Best Tips on How to Start

The act of meditation helps to reduce stress and anxiety and helps you keep calm. Wiccan meditation is a daily process that involves working with the divine energy to clear your mind. Scientific studies show the importance of meditation.

It is an individualized practice that may take time for someone to develop their own process.

Check out these tips on how to start a daily Wiccan meditation practice.

Why Wiccan Meditation?

Wiccan meditation is a practice that involves clearing the mind of all thought and focusing on the divine. This is done by taking deep breaths and closing your eyes. This allows your body to relax and release any worries or anxiety.

Wiccan meditation is a great way to let go of life’s troubles and unwind after a long day. It also helps you make time for yourself and be more centered before it’s time to get back into your daily routine.

Meditation is a fundamental concept of Wicca; in order to be effective in magickal work, you must learn to reach a state of profound relaxation, a place of quiet and balance, in order to connect yourself with the natural forces around you.

You are acquiring mental discipline as you learn to stop your thoughts and attain this level of relaxation. You are learning to focus your mind, becoming focused, balanced, and tranquil.

It is in your inner self that you will meet your Spirit self, who will be your guide on your path.

How to Start a Daily Wiccan Meditation Practice

Wiccan daily meditation is a simple form of meditation. It can help you clear your mind, lower stress levels, and promote calmness when practiced daily.

In this section, I’ll outline the basic steps to start, but there is no right or wrong way to do this in the long run. You should experiment and alter this over time to make it suit your needs and style of witchcraft as needed.

1. Pick a time.

When do you have the freest time in your day? For most people, mornings are the best time to meditate because it helps them begin their day with intention.

The other main time people choose is in the 15 minutes before working magick. This is so that the spell will be at its most powerful through a focused mind and spirit.

2. Create space and start with grounding.

Find a comfortable space in your home or office to meditate. It can be outside on your porch or in your bedroom. Once you find the appropriate space, put on some soothing music and ground yourself by placing both hands on the ground and feeling the earth beneath you for 10 seconds.

Take deep breaths and clear away any thoughts from your mind. You can even imagine yourself as a tree. Feel the roots sprawling deep into the Earth. You are one with nature.

3. Choose an affirmation or mantra to focus on during meditation.

Once you feel calm and grounded, choose an affirmation or mantra to focus on during meditation such as “I am whole” or “I am love”.

Repeat this affirmation throughout your entire meditation session to keep yourself focused and grounded while clearing your mind of any other thoughts that may come up.

This will keep you mentally present during practice rather than allowing stray thoughts to take over and distract you from clearing your mind completely during practice without interruption from other thoughts that could arise if not focused correctly.

4. Clear the mind.

If you become comfortable with this, you may then proceed to clear your mind. Focus on the breath and let your mind go blank. As thoughts arise, do not try to squash them out. Notice them and let them drift away, then come back to the breath.

Maintaining a clear mind is the key to focus. It will help you make sure no negativity enters your magick or spells.

5. Slowly come back and open your eyes.

When your time is up or you feel you have gotten what you came for, you may let your mind come back to reality. Open your eyes. The meditation is over. Take a nice long stretch. Sometimes jumping up after a long Wiccan meditation can be disorienting.

5 Tips for a Daily Wiccan Meditation Practice

When you start your Wiccan daily meditation practice, you will probably have no problem keeping up with it for a few days. The newness and excitement will carry you along.

Most people fall off, though. Here are five tips to help you along that should keep you going.

1. Don’t wait to start.

Wiccan meditation does not require anything to get started. You just need to have a few minutes of time for yourself to meditate. You could use a pillow you already have if you want a more comfortable place to sit.

Many people never get started because they think they need a lot of fancy equipment and the perfect incense or music or clothing. Just start! You have everything you need. The rest is a distraction.

2. Remove distractions.

One of the most difficult parts of meditation is being able to stay focused. There are many distractions that can pull your attention away from the practice, preventing you from achieving a state of clarity.

However, this doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to practice meditation. There are many techniques for overcoming distractions and achieving a state of clarity.

Guided meditations can be used as an aid in clearing your mind and focusing on one thing at a time—ideally, the mantra you’re repeating or visualizing during your session—to create space within yourself where clarity will eventually come from.

Just get away from everything and into a secluded place outdoors without your phone or anything to distract you if you need to!

3. Schedule the time.

It may seem hard to start a daily practice, but it is manageable if you have a plan. The best way to keep your practice going is to set a schedule and stick with it.

You need to establish a time every day when you will meditate and do your work. This may be in the morning or evening, or at lunchtime. It’s also important to pick a place that is private and comfortable for you.

Now that you’ve picked a time, put it in your schedule! Make it non-negotiable. You will be meditating at the given time, so other things cannot be scheduled at that time.

4. Use an app.

I know I said to give up technology during this session to avoid distraction, but sometimes people quit their practice because they just don’t know what to be doing during it–they feel it is pointless and aimless.

In this case, I definitely recommend using an app like Insight Timer. It’s free, and they even have Wiccan meditations specifically. This can give you the guidance you need to not give up and feel like it is worth it.

5. Meditate with others.

If you are truly having difficulties setting up and following through on your daily Wiccan meditation, then I recommend doing it with others.

If you belong to a coven, then do a full coven meditation once a week so that you have accountability. Each of you can learn to lead it, which will deepen your practice.

If that doesn’t appeal to you, then you can find a local or online meditation group. The great thing about these groups is that the leader will choose the topic for you, and it will be set in your schedule. You’ll be less likely to back out.

The things you learn in the group can then be applied daily in your private meditation. It gives structure to your Wiccan mediation practice.

Other Common Questions about Wiccan Meditation

Here’s a list of other questions people tend to have.

How do I meditate spiritually?

Spiritual meditation is a transformative experience that brings you to the core of your being. You, as your true self, are devoid of any preconceived notions about yourself up to that point in time. You will feel joy and calm as a result of this exercise. Your being is warmed by a sensation of love and brightness.

Choose a prayer in your brain while you sit to meditate, stopping your thoughts from defaming your peaceful demeanor. Prayer does not have to be religious in nature. You are free to say anything that is beneficial to you or that you enjoy. It could be a single word or a sentence. If you are a nature enthusiast, it may be anything linked to wildlife or something that makes you joyful. It’s perhaps possible that it’s a mantra.

How can I open my third eye with meditation?

Prior to opening the third eye, you will need to open and balance all of the other chakras (I’ll link to another article on that when I write it).

Other tools can be helpful here, such as crystals, incense, or essential oils.

Through resonance and purpose, meditation stimulates the pineal gland, a pea-shaped organ located where the brain meets the spinal cord. Visualize the pineal gland decalcification, as its divine essence is enlightened and directly connected to the source.

Incorporate chanting into your meditation. Chanting stimulates the pineal gland by causing the tetrahedron bone in the nose to vibrate.

Opening the third eye will take quite some time, usually longer than 10 minutes. Really settle into the repetition of the chant while tapping into the energy of the universe. Feel it flow through your chakras up into the third eye.

Why meditate?

Effective magick in the Wiccan tradition involves many aspects: a sense of your own internal energy and Spirit, grounding, centering, and visualization.

Meditation enhances all four of these aspects, so it is a great idea to start a daily Wiccan meditation practice. If you get out and meditate in nature, then it will deepen your connection to nature, a vital aspect of growing in your Wiccan spirituality.

This article gives you the steps to start your practice and 5 tips to help make the process easier.

Good luck on your journey!

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