Lotus Tarot Deck Review: Undeniably Impressive

Today I’d like to do a full review of the Lotus Tarot deck to help you decide if it is right for your own practice or study.

Lotus Tarot

If you somehow aren’t aware, Lotus Tarot is one of the oldest tarot sites on the web. As far as I’m aware, they are the only site that offers genuinely free readings with no strings attached.

Their commitment to this principle is admirable as many people can’t afford professional services at the prices they are sometimes set at.

Anyway, that’s enough about Lotus Tarot in general when we’re here to review their deck.

The Lotus Tarot Deck

The Lotus Tarot Deck was designed with very specific intention by the graphic designer Angie (presumably in conjunction with other people at Lotus Tarot).

The intention is for ease of use and reading by taking the classic approach of the Rider Waite Smith tarot deck but drawing out the symbols.

Instead of hidden information and abstract drawings, the Lotus deck uses photo-realistic art. Everything is shown in the foreground clearly.

Since many people going to their site are probably not well-versed in reading tarot themselves, this type of deck is ideal. As the person goes through their reading, they will easily see where it is coming from on the cards.

Initial Reactions

My initial reactions to the Lotus Tarot Signature Deck were very positive. Let’s look at the Ace of Cups, for instance.

lotus tarot deck ace of cups
© Lotus Tarot Exact colors and resolution subject to variance on actual printed cards. Use for review purposes only.

My goodness is it beautiful. My heart just sings looking at this card. And that’s what should happen! This card often has to do with love. The trail of lily pads into the distance reminds us we’re at the beginning of something.

The pristine, smooth water draws out the symbolism of angelic purity associated with the card.

Tarot is subjective, so there isn’t a “better” or “worse,” it’s just what works for you. With that in mind, consider the classic Rider Waite Smith version in comparison to the Lotus Tarot cards:

ace of cups rider waite

The symbols are all very much the same, but the Lotus Tarot version tweaks the clarity up a bit. Everything about the card points to the meaning. I love both versions.

Less Positive Initial Reactions

Now, if I’m being honest, the photo-realism doesn’t always sit as well with me as the Ace of Cups example did.

It’s hard to articulate exactly when and why this happens. I think it’s when there are too many elements on the card, like The Magician. A drawing blends all these elements with a consistent style.

When you see something of a realistic style but the whole image is distinctly unreal, there is a clash of consistency for me.

As I used the cards, this initial reaction went away a bit. But it is something to know about the deck if you’re considering getting it. The fantastical or drawn elements can make for a strange meshing.


We’ve all been there. We fall in love with some obscure deck and order it only to find the quality is barely better than a sheet of paper. There goes any hope of using it.

Fortunately, the team at Lotus Tarot has taken quality seriously. These are people in the business, and their primary concern is to make something for other actual tarot readers.

I feel old for saying this, but this is the quality we used to get back when I started reading tarot twenty years ago (I had to go to an actual store, can you imagine?).

If you treat these cards well, they will treat you well. The card stock is flexible yet sturdy and the finish is beautiful linen.

It even comes with a magnetic close protective box.

Who Should Get the Lotus Tarot Deck?

This deck is absolutely perfect for two sets of people: beginners and professionals.

Let me explain.

Beginners will get clarity from this deck that is hard to find elsewhere. This will probably become my most recommended deck for the process of learning the meanings.

Professionals require a deck that is beautiful for customers, clear for the reading, and sturdy enough to last after dozens of readings a day.

This deck is a rare gem that satisfies all of these conditions.

Most people looking for a tarot deck are probably not in either of these categories, though. They fall into what might be considered the “hobbyist.”

For these people, I’d say to look through the cards on the site. All the images are there. Try some of the free readings and see how much it speaks to you.

This deck will be perfect for a lot of hobbyists, but it will probably fall flat or even be unsettling for others.

Finial Thoughts

More often than not, I’m skeptical about decks that try to fill a space that has so many good options. The Lotus Tarot Deck fills that classical role in a way that pretty much no other competitor does.

It’s easy to use and of high quality. No one who decides to switch over to Lotus tarot cards will be disappointed with them.

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lotus tarot cards