Are Wiccan Books Still Relevant? The 10 Best Bets

wiccan books

Wiccan books are a tricky subject for me. As you can tell from the rest of this site, I don’t advocate for following other people’s ideas about their craft. It’s good to get ideas and then experiment to find what works for you. Given this, I haven’t been a big reader in the past few … Read more

Better Wiccan Gardens: An Affordable Witch’s Guide

wiccan garden

It’s that time of the year again. Spring! That means planting season for your Wiccan garden. This is a witch’s guide to an affordable garden. I love this part of my practice. There’s nothing quite like fresh herbs, flowers, scents, and even a place to perform rituals and magic. If you’ve never done this before, … Read more

3 Free Powerful Wiccan Charm Bag Recipe Spells

woman with charm bag

Lisa takes the amethyst from her bowl of moon water. The protection charm is complete. She grabs her keys and starts to head out the door, but stops for a moment. She wonders where she should put the charm. The modern world can be so unforgiving for those practicing ancient traditions. Lisa takes a small, … Read more

5 Essential Wiccan Kitchen Tools to Last a Lifetime

wiccan kitchen

The Wiccan kitchen is often overlooked. We stock up on our altar supplies and incense and candles. We prepare outdoor rituals for the seasons and moon. Yet, we often forget that many essential parts of these practices begin in the kitchen. Here’s a list of what I think of as the essential items to every … Read more

Complete Wiccan Altar Set Up for Beginners

wiccan altar

Every practicing Wiccan should have a Wiccan altar. It can be very simple or quite elaborate. There is not going to be one setup that works for every person. The thing that is going to work best for you is to find an aesthetic that speaks to you. The more you personalize it, the better … Read more