5 Essential Wiccan Kitchen Tools to Last a Lifetime

Essential Wiccan Kitchen Tools

The Wiccan kitchen is often overlooked. We stock up on our altar supplies and incense and candles.

We prepare outdoor rituals for the seasons and moon.

Yet, we often forget that many essential parts of these practices begin in the kitchen.

Here’s a list of what I think of as the essential items to every Wiccan should have in their kitchen from cooking tools to your very own Wiccan cauldron!

1. Mortar and Pestle

wiccan kitchen mortar and pestle

There is no doubt in my mind that this is the number 1 Wiccan kitchen utensil everyone needs. I use mine all the time.

From crafting loose scents to making homemade tea; from creating your own incense to cooking with fresh herbs.

A mortar and pestle is something I use close to every day, and if you don’t have one yet, you’re missing out!

I highly recommend finding one like in the picture of unpolished granite. I’ve tried the “fancier” looking marble and polished stones. They aren’t nearly as effective.

It’s really helpful to have the rough interior catch the particles of whatever you’re grinding. It works in much less time and requires less effort.

Check the price on the one I use.

2. Mason Jars

mason jars

It’s hard to overstate just how useful glass jars like this are.

I’ve used them for standard food storage, but I’ve also used them for tons of Wiccan-related things.

Smaller ones make great containers for homemade candles. You can whip up any scent or color easily on your own.

I’ve also used them for storing loose, dried herbs from my herb garden through the winter.

They also work for dozens of other spells, like a house protection charm, or just having a pretty display for gems you’ve collected.

I always have a use for these, and once I realized how great they were, my initial three-pack seemed like too few.

Check prices here.

3. Cast-Iron Wiccan Cauldron

witch cauldron

I know. It’s a bit cliche to say a witch needs a cauldron…but a witch needs a Wiccan cauldron!

These are useful for obvious things like brewing potions and teas, but you can do this without a cauldron.

The most important way I use mine is to have a heat and fire-resistant open container for fire spells.

I’m not even sure what other people use when a spell calls for this. Lighting paper with writing on it or burning herbs are such an essential part of my practice.

I even use it to toss a smudge stick after it’s lit—or even burn resin and cone incense.

Heat is an amazing transformative energy and is a component of most spells. You’ll never regret getting a good cauldron.

Check the price of the Wiccan cauldron in the picture.

4. Collection of Herbs Starter Kit

herbs for a wiccan kitchen

The one linked in the picture is a full 60 herb starter kit, but you can go bigger or smaller depending on what you want.

These starter kits are great even if you’re not a beginner because they give you so much value and versatility.

It would take a lot of time and money to grow or purchase all sixty of these separately. I can’t recommend enough having a large base to work with.

If you get some stuff you’ve never heard of or had no interest in working with, that’s great! Make an incense out of it (this particular starter even has all the ingredients to hand-make incense cones).

Having a large base of dried herbs lets you experiment more, and it means you won’t be caught empty-handed in a pinch. There’s nothing worse than setting up a spell only to find out you just ran out of mugwort.

Check out Lisa’s Creations sets. I’ve had good success with them.

5. Water Purifier

water purifier

Hear me out on this one.

When doing any sort of spell or Wiccan ritual, you’ll mostly want to get water from a natural source.

I go out to a stream that runs through my backyard.

It’s best to use untreated water like this. Tap water often comes from a city or town aquifer that is processed to be safe to drink. This process can add chemicals to the water.

If you go directly to a stream for water, this might not be safe to drink. You’ll want to run the water through a purifier if your spell calls for drinking it.

I wouldn’t skimp on this. You just never know what was upstream a mile that has made its way downstream.

Check prices on Amazon.

(Disclaimer: You should never drink from still water, and I cannot guarantee the effectiveness of your water filter.)