Powerful Wiccan Herbs and Herbal Magic for Beginners

wiccan herbal magic

Do you practice Wicca? If so, you may be interested in incorporating some of these powerful Wiccan herbs into your rituals, spells, teas, and infusions. Each of these herbs has its own unique properties and can be used for protection, healing, and other purposes. So, if you’re looking to add a little extra magic to … Read more

The Basics of Wiccan Crystal Magic with Crystal Type Chart

wiccan crystal magic

If you’re interested in working with crystals for magical purposes, then you’re in the right place. In this article, we’ll teach you the basics of Wiccan crystal magic. Crystals have been used for magic for centuries, and they can be a powerful tool in your spiritual practice. There are many ways to work with crystals, … Read more

What Type of Witch are You? A Guide to Witch Types

witch types

Witches are a part of folklore, mythology and history. They are usually portrayed as being evil beings who practice magic and use it for their own purposes. In modern Wicca, we tend to think of all witches as the same, but there are different types of witches that have been documented throughout history. This article … Read more

Types of Incense: How to Choose the Best One

types of incense

It can often be overwhelming when trying to get incense because there are so many types to choose from. This guide will go through all the common incense types and then explain how to choose the best one for your given situation. What types of incense are there? There are three main types of incense: … Read more

A Complete Guide to Fae Mythology and Fairies for Wiccans

wicca fae faery

For ages, people have told stories of Fae mythology and folktales. The Fae were depicted as frightening shadows in the night and human-like beings with magical abilities in these myths. This article will give you an overview of what Fae are and what uses they have in the Wiccan tradition. What are the Fae? The … Read more

4 Surprising and Beautiful Incense Holders

Mountain River Handicraft Incense Holder

Incense holders are things we often don’t think about. You probably have some uninspired slab of wood for your own. You know me. I love to make my own stuff. Most of the expensive products out there are not worth it. If you’re interested in making your own incense from kitchen scraps, I wrote a … Read more

DIY Wicca: Make Ink from Natural Sources

diy wicca ink

Ink making is one of those things that seems removed from Wicca. But it can be a highly rewarding addition to your practice. Magic often involves writing, and if you make your own ink, you can infuse it with natural elements to enhance the spell. This article will go into the basics of how to … Read more

Wiccan Candle Flame and Color Meanings Ultimate Guide

wiccan candles meanings

Candle magic is a wonderful way to get into Wicca because most people have been around candles their whole lives. But it can also be daunting due to all the Wiccan candle meanings from the colors to reading the flames. This article will present an overview of everything you’ll need to know to get started. … Read more