Spirit and Angel Numbers Explained

Read on to find out about spirit and angel numbers. You’ll learn what yours is and what it means. You can even use these numbers to make magick square sigils.

Basic Principle

The universe needs a way to communicate with us. One of the simplest ways for this to happen is through numerology. Numbers are the universal language.

Some people believe angels send us these messages. Other people believe it is the Ancient Goddess or Mother Earth herself.

Each culture has come up with explanations: from Native Americans with spirit animal guides to the Japanese with kami. This tells us the phenomenon is real.

The specific messenger isn’t important: it’s all about the message.

The basic principle is that each number has significance. You can figure out the meaning of your number by then paying attention to repetition and combinations.

We’ll go through examples below.

What is your angel number?

Once you know how to be open to your spiritual number, you should figure it out quickly. The number will appear to you with sudden compulsion. This is your spirit guide telling you to pay attention: your number is there.

This can happen in really clear ways like waking up at 2:22 a.m. and feeling compelled to check the clock. But it can happen in more subtle ways, too.

The way mine first appeared to me was during reading. I was completely caught up in the novel, transported to another world. There was no reason I should have come out of that state of mind, but my eyes randomly drifted to the corner of the page.

I lost the moment I was in staring at the page number. Over the next few weeks, the number appeared to me several more times.

There is no one way it will happen for you, but hopefully, this will help you understand some of the ways it will come up.

My golden rule is this: if you aren’t sure, it probably isn’t it. Stay open, and eventually, you’ll get clearer signs. It will usually occur three times in a short period of time. So, don’t attribute a single noticing of a number too much significance.

Specific Numbers

Like I said above, each number has a meaning. This is how we’ll be able to figure out longer strings of numbers.

One: The beginning and the origin. It can also mean solitude or leadership.

Two: The number of pairs. It can mean a second person, lover, or friend. It usually indicates cooperation.

Three: I like to think of the Three of Cups for this one. Creative cooperation. It can also indicate excess: three’s a crowd.

Four: The four elements and four directions. It is the number of balance but also of drive and work life.

Five: The fifth element of spirit. This is the number of wholenesses and the self/spirit. It often represents freedom.

Six: The number of the home and family. It often represents nurturing and empathy.

Seven: The number of divinity. It is almost always associated with spiritual awakening and psychic ability.

Eight: Karma. This number is often a warning that what you put into the world will come back to you threefold.

Nine: Your true calling. This number comes to you when you need to start realizing your purpose in life.

Zero: Eternity, the creator, the divine force. Be prepared when this number comes to you. It is special.

Some combinations occur with high frequency. Let’s go over those ones:

1010 Angel Number

Repetition just means the number’s meaning is strengthened. We have a repetition of both 1 and 0 but then again of 10.

The number 10 represents both a beginning and the divine. This number takes on the meaning of the beginning of a new spiritual path. Maybe you’re considering one. Take this sign to dive in.

If this doesn’t sound right to you, take some time to meditate on it. Listen to what your soul is telling you. This number might be a message that you’re on the wrong path and need to reevaluate.

The triple set of duplication is a strong one. This is not a message to be taken lightly.

222 Spiritual Meaning

This is a very strong signal. It is a tripling of the number 2, but it’s also a duplicated 22. In this form, the 2 takes on a slightly different meaning.

The duality of the 2 represents the soul/body. The tripling means this combination might be out of balance.

Are you feeling like your life is a bit off course? Your personal/professional duality is a bit off. The thing you do physically or for work doesn’t match your spiritual convictions.

Bring these back into alignment by following what your deepest personal convictions tell you to do.

You’ll know you’re on the right track if this number starts to appear to you as 22 or 2222 or changes altogether.

1111 Angel Number

Is this the first time you’re receiving a message from the spirit world? The repeating ones is a common first message: it strongly indicates firsts.

It can also appear as a way to indicate something new that is going to happen or has just happened. Maybe you started a new job or have a new friendship. If this is the case, await the next number. It will be about this new beginning.

For everyone else, notice where this number appears. What were you doing or thinking? This number is the divine wake-up call. The number is appearing to draw your attention to it.

Whatever the number is pointing to, you should take a leap of faith and go ahead with it. Were you considering moving or taking a new job? This is the divine telling you to do it.

1212 meaning twin flame

There’s a lot going on with this one. The 1 and the 2 both appear twice, but the number 12 appears twice as well. Don’t forget the hidden 6 that appears as the sum of these numbers.

The duality of 2 can mean a relationship, friendship, or even your relationship with the divine. The 12 means a new one of any of these. It may have just begun, but this doubling can mean to enter into one.

Maybe you’re on the fence about a new friendship. Give it a chance and some time. It will open up into something you weren’t expecting.

The hidden 6 could mean your family is a part of this relationship. Did a new family member suddenly appear? Give this relationship a chance.

The number 1212 is sometimes associated with twin flames, which are believed by some to be the other half of one’s soul. According to some beliefs, twin flames are meant to be together and are able to communicate telepathically.

Seeing the number 1212 is sometimes thought to be a sign that your twin flame is thinking of you or that your connection with them is growing stronger.

911 Numerology

This contains both the 9 and the 1. The 1 is doubled but appears after the 9.

I treat these types of numbers as the first one being the primary topic and the doubled one as having more significance.

The topic of this message is your true calling. You are in the wrong field, and you know it. The doubled ones mean a new beginning.

The time is right. You need to make the change now. The doubled ones indicate an urgency. You may miss your chance forever if you don’t do it now.

888 Meaning

This is a tripled 8 but also a doubled 88.

Stop whatever you’re doing. This is a strong warning message. Are you putting out a lot of negative energy? This is going to come back to you threefold, so it better be worth it.

This can also mean being patient. If you’re putting a lot of work into something and seeing no reward from it, keep at it. This message is telling you it will come back soon. Don’t give up.

For everyone, the message is a great reminder to adjust your attitude and spiritual practice to be as positive and loving as possible.

Do You Want More Information?

Maybe you haven’t figured out your angel number. Maybe this guide hasn’t helped you figure out the underlying meaning yet.

Check out other Wiccan divination methods including the related Magick Squares for Sigils method.

These numbers also have significance in tarot.