2 Wiccan Protection Spells for Loved Ones

This article will present two protection spells for loved ones.

As usual, I always recommend working from basic principles and developing your own version of any spell you come across. That is the best way to ensure success in magick.

You can find out how to do this by looking at Elemental Magic for Beginners and Do Wiccan Spells Work.

I’ve been there, though, so I understand how useful it is to work from a template.

Protection Charm

If the loved one knows you are doing it, one of the best spells you can use is to create a protection charm. They will be able to keep it with them for protection instead of just sending energy out into nature.

A good rule with magic is that the more focused the energy and spell, the better the results will be.


black tourmaline for protection


Draw the following rune on the piece of paper:

Ptrotection of Rune Algiz

You’ll first want to cleanse the area. I prefer to do all magic outside in nature, but any sacred space will work. This can be an altar or just a place in your home that you’ve set aside for this moment.

This preparation is particularly important for a protection spell, as you don’t want existing negative energy to find its way into the charm.

A classic way to do this is to use a sage smudge stick. Visualize the negative energy leaving or say a simple prayer as you move the stick through the area. Cleansing can be done any way you’ve learned in the past.

I’ve put Angelica on the ingredients list because this is a cleansing herb that also has strong protective properties. You can use incense if you have it (or you could make the incense from fresh angelica).

I prefer to lay fresh Angelica in a circle. This will be the sacred area for the spell.

Wiccan Protection Spell

Wrap the paper around the stone or charm and visualize the type of protection you want.

Make sure to use very specific images that resonate with your concept of protection.

This could be blocking negative psychic energy. It could be physical protection. Presumably, you already have something in mind if you want to make this.

Many people use their own homes in the visualization, while others use the image of a gigantic, mythical fortress with infinite blockades and protection.

Generate the personal energy inside you and start to release it into the charm. Hold the wrapped charm in your right hand.

Focus the channeled energy by saying the words:

I make this charm for protection
By preparing the ingredients with affection
Take my energy in this time
Return it back: a life sublime

Now unwrap the stone and tear the paper into several pieces. We want to incorporate air, the element of protection.

Take a long sacred breath in. Feel the positive energy and then blow the pieces of paper out of your hand onto the gem.

It is complete.

wiccan protection spells for loved ones

Another Wiccan Protection Spell for Loved Ones

Maybe the loved one doesn’t understand your path, and so they don’t want to carry a protection charm with them. In any event, there are many reasons to prefer an honest spell over a charm.

For this spell, we’ll rely on a symbolic representation of the person and the power of knots.


  • Representation of the person
  • Non-iodized salt
  • A bowl of purified or natural spring water
  • White candle
  • Rope/cord

The stronger the association with the person, the better. You can use a strand of hair for an example of the strongest connection. You could also use a strand of their clothing or anything near them a bunch.

Note: the spell will work even without this being with them.

The rope or cord can also be anything you have on hand. It doesn’t have to be special or pre-cleansed. I like to use the most natural salt I can find. This usually means grinding my own Himalayan salt just before I need it.

I’m suspicious of impurities and extra processing of the mass-produced stuff in a canister.


Follow the same type of purification as above. This just sets aside a sacred space for the spell, free of negative energy.

In addition, this time you should dip the rope in the saltwater. Make sure it is fully submerged and say: may the purifying energy of salt drive the negativity to a halt.

Let it purify for sixty seconds or so. Don’t rush this step.

Light the candle and any scent that you will want to guide the spell. You can let the rope dry or not, depending on your preference.

Protection Spell

Now it is time to begin.

Place the representation of the person next to the lit candle. Imagine them safe. Build up the energy within you as you feel the protection magic begin to work.

The clearer you visualize the type of safety you’d like them to have, the better it will work.

Circle the rope around the candle and representation. Now release the energy into the rope as you tie a strong knot into it.

Say the words:

Circle of protection, I thee form.
Knot of magic, nice and warm.
Safety to the one I see;
Preserved from all negativity.

The magic will enter the knot as you tie it. The completed knot should look like this:

wiccan protection spells for loved ones

Now blow out the candle to complete the spell and lift the circle of rope with the knot in it through the smoke. The spell will continue to work as long as the knot stays intact.

More Information

There are tons of great resources for witchcraft out there. Wicca has Pagan roots and the traditions have splintered off in many different directions over the last thousand years.

The exact crystals or herbs or scents to use will vary on your mood, experience, and Pagan tradition. You can even invent your own spells based on these. I recommend you try that instead of seeking out specific recipes. Here’s a guide to Stones for Protection: 8 Protective Crystals.

That being said, here’s one other perspective on casting a spell of protection:

I’d also highly recommend the Amazon Kindle books of Lisa Chamberlain.

The LearnReligions page has some good, specific information on general crystals, herbs, oils, and other protection items for making your own spell.

My own article on Wiccan symbols might serve as some inspiration as well.

However you decide to do it, good luck. Intention matters most when it comes to Wiccan protection spells. Peace and love as always.

When doing magic for people, make sure you understand the ethics and morality of love spells.