Air Spells: Introductory Elemental Magic

Air spells are a great way to get into elemental magic. They also serve important roles in magic for experienced Wiccans.

One of the beautiful things about air is that it is everywhere. We would die without it. Air is all around us all the time.

We never even think about it. Air is that wonderful feeling of the cool breeze across our face on a warm day.

But air is also powerful. It is the driving force of destructive tornadoes.

Air is fundamental to human life. Some sea creatures can survive without it, but we cannot. If we go more than a few moments without it, we die.

One of the things that changed dramatically for me as I matured as a Wiccan was to take the time to truly appreciate something so basic as the air around us.

As you begin or deepen your study of elemental magic, I strongly urge you to start daily gratitude and mindfulness for the air you breathe. It will strengthen your bond to the element and allow you more focus in your air spells.

Even something as simple as watching the breath for a few moments can be life-changing. Take the time to notice the invisible element that sustains you.

Put your gratitude out into the world and you shall receive three times back in your wind magic spells.

And truly mean it.

Let’s review the basics.

Properties of Air

Air spells are often for intelligence, mindfulness, creativity, and travel.

One of the most important things to remember about the element of air is that the wind or breeze is merely symbolic of this element.

The element itself is an energy that exists everywhere. It’s easy to confuse the scientific notion of air with the elemental notion.

Here are some common properties:

  • Herbs: fragrant flowers and herbs like dill
  • Stones: pumice, mica, or other light, holey, and translucent
  • Animals: birds, spiders, and other insects
  • Season: Spring
  • Direction: East
  • Tools: wands and staffs, feathers, incense
  • Instrument: flute

The most common forms of air ritual involve suspension, throwing, and fanning.

Air spells can be done anywhere, but you’ll probably have the best results up high like mountaintops or airplanes. Also, intellectual spaces like libraries and schools.

Creativity Air Spell and Wind Magic Spell

I’ll remind you that my version of an air spell may not be the one that works best for you. Review the fundamental principles of elemental magic and use my version as a guide.

Then let your personal taste, strengths, weaknesses, and intuition guide you in creating your own form.

This creativity spell can be used anytime you wish to stimulate creativity.


wood flute for air spells


It’s useful to have some sort of easy-to-play wind instrument around if you like doing air spells.

But…you are going to want to have at least a passing familiarity with it before beginning.

You don’t need to be a virtuoso performer ready to play at Carnegie Hall. You don’t even have to know any of the notes you’re playing.

Just get a feel for a few of the notes, how they sound, and how they go together.


Light the candle and set the instrument between you and the candle.

Say the words:

Yellow candle of the air
Bring forth creativity to share
Original work will help create
Flow from me; no time to wait

Now begin the visualization.

See yourself doing whatever creative act you wish to enhance. This can be anything. It could be simply journaling about your day or something complex like a full-scale oil painting.

Now play a few notes on the instrument. Just let it flow out. Don’t think about it too hard or get caught up in playing a “real song.”

You’re using the instrument as a tool to draw out the energy of the air element.

As the notes come, feel the creative energy of air build around you. Feel your own personal energy build up.

Think back to the visualization and know you’re creativity will flow.

Set the instrument down and begin the creative task.

If you still feel blocked, just begin again. Sometimes blocks can take a lot of energy to displace. After a few tries, the creativity should be flowing no matter how blocked.

Thank the air for giving its energy and pinch out the flame of the candle. I never use my breath to blow out the fire used in a spell, but you can choose your own path.

An Air Spell Protection Charm

A protection charm is something you can carry with you or hang at the entrance to your house to protect it.


citrine crystal
  • Citrine or other wind-associated object (the ones in the image can be found here)
  • Cinnamon incense

Making the Charm

Place object to become a charm on a flat surface. I recommend citrine, but I know many people like to enchant windchimes to hang on a front porch.

Anything you can place near the entrance to the building you’d like to protect will work great. You could also use a small gem to carry with you and give yourself personal protection.

Light the incense and let the scent wash over you. Remember, one of the main purposes of scents is to let it work on you with its natural properties.

Once your mind is clear and ready, start the visualization.

Use something very specific. Think about whatever makes you feel protected. See the house as a giant fortress.

Feel the protection. Know that the charm will bring it.

Now begin to release your personal energy into the object. Say the following:

Air of protection
From the East
Charm of detection
Repel the beast
Safe from harm
Secure inside
I craft this charm
It must abide

The spell is done. Thank the air for lending its energy and place the charm wherever you need protection.

Air Spells

You now have the tools for creating your own air spells.

Use the tools and ingredients associated with the earth elemental and follow the basic principles as shown in this article and Elemental Magic for Beginners.

Further Reading