Fire Spells: Introductory Elemental Magic

Fire spells are a great way to get into elemental magic. They also serve important roles in magic for experienced Wiccans.

Fire magic is probably the most common across all our Books of Shadows. We tend to gravitate to things we can find easily, and candles are cheap and in abundance.

One of the beautiful things about fire as an element is how easy it is to create these days.

But back in ancient times, fire was not easy to create. We often forget this fact.

I always use matches, but I’m tempted to go back even farther with flint and steel. There’s something unnatural about not needing to strike an object to make the fire at the press of a button.

Fire isn’t everywhere like the other elements, but it makes its presence known when it’s around.

It’s the warmth when you snuggle up. It’s the strength of a volcano, and it’s even the terror of uncontrolled wildfires.

But it’s also the life-giving energy of the sun we see everyday. Fire is fundamental to all life on the planet.

One of the things that changed dramatically for me as I matured as a Wiccan was to take the time to truly appreciate something so basic as the sun.

As you begin or deepen your study of elemental magic, I strongly urge you to start daily gratitude and mindfulness for fire. It will strengthen your bond to the element and allow you more focus in your fire spells.

Even something as simple as vocalizing a sun salutation prayer when you wake up or go to bed can go a long way.

Put your gratitude out into the world and you shall receive three times back in your fire spells.

And truly mean it.

Let’s review the basics.

Properties of Fire

Fire spells are often for purifying, sex, cleansing, and energy. Its main color is red.

One of the most important things to remember about the element of fire is that the physical manifestation of fire is merely symbolic of this element.

The element itself is an energy that exists everywhere.

Here are some common properties:

  • Herbs: cacti, chile peppers, coffee beans
  • Stones: jasper, lava rocks like pumice, quartz
  • Animals: snakes, lizards, scorpions, bee
  • Season: Summer
  • Direction: South
  • Tools: knives, daggers, athames
  • Instrument: stringed instruments

The most common forms of fire ritual involve burning, heating, candles, and sex.

Fire spells can be done anywhere, but you’ll probably have the best results near deserts, volcanoes, fireplaces, and bedrooms.

Banishment Fire Spell

I’ll remind you that my version of a fire spell may not be the one that works best for you. Review the fundamental principles of elemental magic and use my version as a guide.

Then let your personal taste, strengths, weaknesses, and intuition guide you in creating your own form.

This banishment spell can be used on any thing you’d like to remove from your life.

This includes negative energy, doubt, or anything that troubles you. Remember to never, ever use this spell to rid yourself of an actual living thing.


cauldron for fire spells
  • Fire-proof pot or cauldron (I really like the cast-iron one in the picture found here)
  • Paper and pencil
  • Flammable liquid (alcohol works)
  • Match


For this spell, I like to use an actual pencil instead of a pen. This is because the graphite is a crystalline form of carbon that resonates well with fire magic.

Now write a single word onto the paper that you think represents what you’d like to banish.

Fold the paper and put it in the cauldron. If you’re using a flammable liquid, you’ll pour it in now.

You can skip this step, but the burst of flame is a more powerful form of the spell than just lighting the paper on fire.

Now put your hand over the cauldron and visualize that which you’d like to banish.

Make sure the visualize is clear and specific.

You really want to make sure it creates a strong energy within you. Now release that energy into the cauldron and paper. Let all the energy pent up from the visualization into the cauldron.

The stronger you let it out in this step, the better the spell will work.

The Fire Spell

Now light a match and toss it in.

Be careful. There will be a mini-explosion if you’ve put a flammable liquid in there.

If you did not use any liquid, you can just light the piece of paper on fire.

As you watch the flames, feel the fire elemental. Understand it. Let more of the energy you’d like to banish out and say the following words:

Fire burning the word so bright
With this issue I’d like to fight
Be gone, be banished from my sight
From now on forward, it will be all right.

Finish releasing your personal energy.

The spell is done. Thank the fire for lending its energy. Wait for it all to cool down before discarding the contents.

A Love Charm

A love charm is something you can carry with you to attract love into your life.


jasper for love charm
  • Jasper (the ones in the image can be found here)
  • A charred stick (burn a stick until it is completely coals)
  • Rose petals
  • Paper
  • A cauldron that can withstand fire

Making the Charm

Take a piece of the coals (fully cooled) from the charred stick and draw two interlocking hearts.

While you do this, you’ll want to start visualizing the type of love you’d like to attract.

Is it calm and patient? Is it passionate? Use specific images to conjure the feelings with strength.

Don’t be embarrassed to use a romantic comedy you love. Remember the visualization is merely symbolic to conjure the right type of energy inside of you.

Set the jasper in the place where the hearts intersect.

Now sprinkle the rose petals on the jasper and start to release the love energy from the visualization into the stone.

Feel it go into the stone and be sure of your coming love.

Wrap the jasper in the paper including the coals and rose petals.

Set it all into the cauldron and light it.

As it burns say:

Love charm from roses make
No longer must my heart ache
I call upon the fire for love
Draw the one who I dream of

Wait for the fire to settle and the contents of the cauldron to cool. Then take the jasper out and wipe it down.

Take the charm with you whenever you are seeking love.

If you want to turn this into a love charm bag, see my article on charm bags.

Fire Spells

You now have the tools for creating your own fire spells or more general Wiccan candle magic. To learn more about candles and the flame see my article Wiccan Candle Meanings.

Use the tools and ingredients associated with the earth elemental and follow the basic principles as shown in this article and Elemental Magic for Beginners.

Further Reading