Earth Elemental Magic and 2 Introductory Spells

Earth elemental magic spells are a great way to get into elemental magic. They also serve important roles in magic for experienced Wiccans.

One of the beautiful things about earth is that it is everywhere. It is in the ground beneath our feet, the plants we eat, the trees we see on the drive to work.

We feel it when we walk in a yard barefoot or run our hands through the dirt while gardening.

From mountains to amber waves of grains to the Irish countryside, earth provides us with some of the most magnificent feats of beauty the natural world has to offer.

Earth is fundamental to all life. No living thing on the planet can live without the Earth by definition.

One of the things that changed dramatically for me as I matured as a Wiccan was to take the time to truly appreciate something so basic as dirt.

As you begin or deepen your study of elemental magic, I strongly urge you to start daily gratitude and mindfulness for the Earth. It will strengthen your bond to the element and allow you more focus in your earth spells.

Even something as simple as vocalizing a Mother Earth prayer when you wake up or go to bed can go a long way. It still astounds me how much I took the Earth for granted.

Put your gratitude out into the world and you shall receive three times back in your earth spells.

And truly mean it.

Let’s review the basics.

Properties of Earth

Earth spells are often for prosperity, fertility, and stability. Its main color is green.

One of the most important things to remember about the element of earth is that our planet, Earth, is merely symbolic of this element.

The element itself is an energy that exists everywhere.

Here are some common properties:

  • Herbs: moss, nuts, root vegetables, patchouli
  • Stones: emerald, aventurine, coal, anything green
  • Animals: worms, cows, dogs, gophers (or anything that burrows)
  • Season: Winter
  • Direction: North
  • Tools: stones, gems, pentacles, plants, dirt
  • Instrument: percussion

The most common forms of earth ritual involve burying, planting, and drawing or using symbols such as runes.

Earth spells can be done anywhere, but you’ll probably have the best results near canyons, forests, gardens, and caves.

Binding Spell

I’ll remind you that my version of an earth spell may not be the one that works best for you. Review the fundamental principles of elemental magic and use my version as a guide.

Then let your personal taste, strengths, weaknesses, and intuition guide you in creating your own form.

This binding spell can be used on any item you don’t want to lose.


Patchouli Herb for an Earth Spell


Unless you have a way to draw with the chalk indoors, you will need to be outside. You’ll need to draw a symbol on the ground.

I like to use chalk for this, but you could do it directly into dirt.

Start the scent. Take a moment to relax and calm your mind.

Now draw the following rune:

earth elemental magic

This draws upon the earth elemental. Place the object to be bound onto the rune.

Now start the visualization. Imagine the object being near you. No matter what happens, it is almost stuck to you.

Someone borrows it, and it comes right back. You move to a new location, and it pops out of the first moving box in the new location.

Feel confident and sure that it is completely bound to you, and make sure however you visualize this, it is clear and precise.

Once there is no doubt in your mind, move on to the next step.

The Earth Magic Spell

Now place your hand onto the object. Release the visualized and built up energy into the object.

Let the energy flow right through the object to the rune below. Feel the rune’s energy as it wraps around the object.

Guide the earth’s energy as it draws up out of the ground to the rune and to the object.

Now say:

I call upon the earth
To bind this object of worth
Throughout my path
Free from any wrath
Whenever it should be lost
It will return at no cost

Finish releasing your personal energy.

The spell is done. Thank the earth for lending its energy, and then gently remove the rune symbol.

You can do this by just wiping the dirt or washing away the chalk. This is an important step because you don’t want someone else coming and accidentally (or intentionally) charging their own energy into the location.

A Prosperity Charm

A prosperity charm is something you can carry with you to ensure prosperity and luck. Some people call these “lucky charms.”

They have existed in most cultures with rituals stemming from shamanic traditions, including the Celtic druids of Ireland.

I carried mine in my pocket for many years before I got out of the habit. It’s simple and unobtrusive.


aventurine earth spell gem
  • Aventurine (the ones in the image can be found here)
  • A place to bury in dirt (a bowl indoors works, but outdoors is best)
  • Salt

Making the Charm

Take the aventurine and salt to the place you will bury it. You could substitute this gem for any green one that speaks to you.

You should wait until nightfall if possible.

Now bury the stone. Visualize whatever prosperity means to you. It could mean wealth and promotion or a happy family.

The important thing is for the visualization to be specific and meaningful to you.

Feel the prosperity. Know that the charm will bring it.

Now sprinkle salt over the buried charm and release that energy into the earth around the stone while saying:

Embraced in the warmth of earth
A prosperity charm it will birth
To bring me luck and fortune
With these words, the spell has begun

Leave the stone buried for at least one night. The longer you leave it, the more the earth will infuse the charm with prosperous energies. This can be done for up to a whole lunar cycle.

Take the charm with you whenever you need luck.

Earth Magic Spells

You now have the tools for creating your own earth spells.

Use the tools and ingredients associated with the earth elemental and follow the basic principles as shown in this article and Elemental Magic for Beginners.

Wiccan Quick Guide to the Earth Element

Deitythe Goddess
Energyfeminine, receptive
ToolsPentacle, bowl of salt
Colorsgreen, yellow, brown, black
ZodiacTaurus, Virgo Capricorn
UseProtection, Binding, Prosperity
Quick Guide to the Earth Element

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