In the Circle of the Moon: A Dianic Wicca Primer

dianic wicca

So you want to know more about Dianic Wicca? This pantheistic religion celebrates the feminine divine and is often misunderstood. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at Dianic Wicca, its beliefs and practices, and how it differs from other branches of Wicca. Dianic Wicca: An Overview Dianic Wicca is a witchcraft tradition that … Read more

Complete Wiccan Wedding Script and Ceremony Guide

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This article will answer all the common questions about Wiccan wedding ceremonies and handfasting. It will then give a script that can be modified to have your own Wiccan wedding ceremony. Wiccan Wedding Terminology Before we get to the description of a Wiccan wedding, let’s cover some terminology that could be useful. Remember, many of … Read more

Wiccan Meditation: The 5 Best Tips on How to Start

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The act of meditation helps to reduce stress and anxiety and helps you keep calm. Wiccan meditation is a daily process that involves working with the divine energy to clear your mind. Scientific studies show the importance of meditation. It is an individualized practice that may take time for someone to develop their own process. … Read more

A Guide to Aradia: Become a Powerful Aradian Witch

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Aradia is a name that is often connected with witchcraft. But who is Aradia? What does the Gospel of the Witches say about her? And how can you become an Aradian witch? Who is Aradia? Aradia, the goddess of the witches, comes from Italian folklore. She is a powerful goddess who commands respect and is … Read more

Wiccan Rede Simply Explained: What you need to know

wiccan rede explained

One of the most beautiful aspects of Wicca comes from the Wiccan Rede. There are many names for this, including the Wiccan Law or Rule of Three. Wicca is unlike the monotheistic religions of the West. It doesn’t seek to control or force limited ways of living through sets of ancient rules. The only absolute … Read more

Wicca for Beginners: Ultimate Guide to Become Wiccan

wicca for beginners

This article will be a Wicca for Beginners guide. It is intended for people who are curious about Wicca or have already decided to become Wiccan but don’t know where to start. It won’t go very deep into what Wicca is. I wrote the article “What is Wicca?” here. It also won’t discuss the evidence … Read more

Goddess Brighid Invocation and Offerings

wicca brigid invocation

As you all know, my form of Wicca takes a Celtic bent. Today we’ll cover the basics of the Goddess Brighid: who she is, how to invoke, and when to celebrate. Who is Brighid, Hearth Goddess? Brighid is an ancient Celtic Goddess. She is commonly associated with poetry, arts in general, and the arrival of … Read more

Wiccan Holidays: Wheel of the Year Explained (with 2022 dates)

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One of the best ways to deepen your connection to nature and your practice is to start to incorporate rituals for the Wiccan holidays into your yearly schedule. When people think of Wicca and witches, they tend to think of magic. But Wicca is about so much more than that. This article will go into … Read more